Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Forgotten Art of Foot Washing

The Forgotten Art of Foot Washing


Master Libre has baptized this alchemical methodology “the noble and forgotten art of washing the ft” and defines it in his books as “a magic-stick for private transformation.”

The forgotten artwork of washing ft reaches far again into ancient & esoteric teachings that weave themselves by means of the knowledge traditions of the Far East proper as much as modern Western & Middle Jap traditions which make reference to it in historic & biblical writings of the previous 2000 years.

The facility of this act is inherent in its simplicity & the intention delivered to it; that of devotion & service to ourselves & to our fellow human beings, focused on liberation from ignorance & illusion. It is a method of release and healing and an emblem of forgiveness and brotherhood.

“There is only one real way out of suffering and ignorance – the one that's opened via our understanding of ourselves.” – Libre

Our feet are a retailer house of reminiscence & info. They're a mirror and a real expression of what we are and dwell. These held patterns are the origin of our ache and struggling and represent the characteristics of our persona.

Loving massage of our toes strikes the saved information into the Now, permitting us higher awareness of these previous events & carries us naturally to an authentic experience of ourselves. It introduces mushy, delicate, nurturing patterns, and uncovers our full divine potential, that begins to exchange, transmute & launch outdated destructive patterns. The door to our self-information, love and acceptance is opened.

The main function of this “soul bathtub” is to touch our coronary heart. With this sacred act we're liberated of impurities. Our power and emotional fields that have been charged with worry pain & suffering, maintaining us unconsciously paralyzed & unable to progress, are remodeled.

This historical & effective methodology was re-introduced in the last century by Grasp Libre who was born is Bilbao Spain with severe bodily ailments that brought on persistent pain, deformation, suffering, disability & eventually, full blindness.

This great suffering led to a few years searching for aid from therapists, healers, medicines, & medical doctors from all around the world. Although helpful these strategies gave only short-term aid.

In this state of bodily, psychological and spiritual slavery that he called sickness, Libre realized that the reality lay in the depths of oneself. We will not be launched from illness & struggling until we go to the foundation of the issue, the very depth of what feeds our sickness & suffering & there, inside us, transform it.

After years of exploring each conceivable path to healing & enlightenment, Libre identified three profound messages shared by all knowledge traditions all through the ages…

1. Purify yourself, your mind, your unconsciousness & your ignorance, and you will be free.

2. Stroll on the trail of Love & Compassion, & you will be joyful.

3. No person can cure you, solely you possibly can cure your self.

“Ultimately, with this understanding ‘The Forgotten Artwork of Foot Washing’ got here into my fingers: the device that would deliver me liberation from suffering and the healing of the Soul. My search was over and I started to stroll the true path, the way in which of Love and Compassion.

From then on the true self-curing and liberation course of began. The data of life, existence and sickness started awakening within me, transforming my ignorance into wisdom, my unhappiness into pleasure and my pain into happiness. I became acutely aware of the self-deception and the confusion of the human being. I found myself and I found the source of compassion inside me. After a long and deep quest with this centuries-old artwork I now invite all the seekers and travellers that need to know themselves to observe it.

The liberation begins in oneself and that is why we should put this wonderful tool into practice, to begin with with every of us experiencing our personal fact.

It is clear to me now that this tool shall be needed on this



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