Thursday, June 30, 2016

Acupuncture for Childbirth and Labor

Q - I have heard that Acupuncture can be utilized to induce labor and to cut back the ache of labor, but I am so afraid of needles, I'm not sure I can deal with even more ache from the acupuncture needles -- should I strive it?

A - To be quite trustworthy, needles give me the creeps too! I don't like them either, and I hate blood tests. But the needles used for acupuncture are so tiny that you can even put one in the hole of a regular needle used for injections or blood checks. They're in regards to the size of a strand of hair truly. And you hardly even feel them.

Q - What's your experience in the use of acupuncture throughout labor?

A - In my expertise, it is not unusual for the entire labor to be extremely fast and simple when acupuncture is used.

Q - How might you ever possibly persuade me that I'd need to let someone poke LOTS of needles into me?

A - I know that acupuncture appears odd to our Westernized mind, however there may be actually plenty of scientific research that supports its use during labor. Many research present that these little needles enhance endorphins, and it is your endorphins that really enable you to to loosen up. So if you want to relax and really feel a bit more relaxed and less stressed throughout the entire birthing course of, acupuncture is actually the best and safest way to go.

Q - Are there any research that acupuncture works to assist birthing?

A - Sure. There are lots of such studies. Your labor could be significantly shortened in the event you use acupuncture while giving beginning. One such analysis examine published in “Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation” and reported in Natural Well being Journal said that out of a hundred and twenty women, those that received acupuncture remedy through the first stage of labor reduced their labor time from an average of 321 minutes, down to ninety six minutes. In different words, the ladies on this examine who obtained acupuncture decreased their labor by more than one-third!

Q – In your experience, does acupuncture shorten the time for the labor?

A – Sure, undoubtedly. The women who I’ve needled during their labor had their infants very quickly. Everyone was very glad and the docs were actually stunned!

Right here is one personal experience: My workplace got a name from a very pregnant woman who was referred to us by her obstetrician. “Anna” was one week overdue and her physician was going to induce labor if contractions didn’t begin inside 10 days. This was Anna’s third being pregnant and the opposite two had been late as properly.

Her doctor had heard of my practice, and me and since one other of our mutual sufferers had experienced nice success with acupuncture throughout her being pregnant and birthing process. So he told Anna to give me a call and try some acupuncture to induce the labor, earlier than resorting to conventional Western methods. He figured that she had nothing to lose by attempting.

He was right!!! She got here to my workplace and was very uncomfortable in her physique. It was exhausting for us to find a comfy place for her acupuncture treatment. We settled for having her sit up on the massage table, propped up by pillows. This worked for her, and also gave me entry to all of the factors on her physique that I needed.

We handled Anna thrice. Her fourth appointment was scheduled for the day earlier than her physician was going to induce the labor and supply, but she didn’t present up. My secretary jokingly mentioned, “Nicely, she most likely went into labor after the final acupuncture remedy and is back at dwelling already with the infant!”

And my secretary was proper. When Anna known as us a number of days latter, she stated that contractions started instantly upon leaving the office and continued to get stronger and stronger as the hours went by. A day later she was in the hospital, and the supply of her baby started shortly thereafter. All was a grand success!

Q – Does Acupuncture Help with Deliver of Breech Infants?

Sure it does. In one research published in Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy (Nov-Dec 2003; 18(6):418-21,



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